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SAVE THE DATE! Our next showcase is Saturday April 20th, 2013 at 7:00pm. Limited seating is available. Tickets can be purchased at Dance Times Square located 156 West 44th Street 3rd Floor, New York

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Here at Dance Times Square in NYC, we pride ourselves on the top notch instruction and the close personal relationship we develop with all of our dance students.  Whether you are a beginner dancer or an aspiring professional dance; we have the experience to bring out the absolute best in you!  Here are just a few samples of testimonials from our clients and colleagues.

"Tony and Melanie did a Fantastic performance! If I were to dance again, that's the kind of dancing I would do."
Merce Cunningham

"Melanie and Tony brought dance back into fashion and fashion back into dance, they are steps ahead of anyone else when it comes to ballroom dancing.  "I thank them for their inspiration"
Glenda Bailey, Harper's Bazaar

"I have voraciously watched dancers and dancing most of my life and have never seen anyone better than Tony and Melanie. Their choreography is fresh and the energy so palpable it shoots right out to the audience."
Helen Gurley Brown

"LaPatin should be on Donnatella Versace's consulting-stylists list."
André Leon Talley, Vogue Magazine

"Here are two people who have taken dancing to the utmost of professionalism and class around the world."
Tito Puente

"It is a genuine thrill to watch them dance . . . Tony and Melanie move like musical notes.  They are superstars and should be on Broadway."
Rex Reed

"Spectacular dancers."
Regis Philbin, Regis and Kathie Lee, ABC-TV

"Melanie and Tony always manage to combine a unique gift of innovation, technical ability, authenticity, and theatricality which consistently hits the mark!."
Mercedes Ellington

" Tony and Melanie are trendsetters  in choreography."
Rita Moreno

"I love  Meredith and LaPatin , they're always so classy."
Juliet Prowse

"Tony and Melanie, ballroom's shining stars, are dynamic.  They are such complete dancers, a well deserved standing ovation."
Sandy Duncan

"Tony and Melanie are a dynamic and classic duo who burn the stage with their presence."
Carmen de Lavallade

"Melanie LaPatin and Tony Meredith captivate with synchronized sensuality.  They are truly a gifted couple who have devoted their lives to dance."
Andrea Mineo, News 12, Long Island

Hi Melanie-
"I am so thrilled to have found Dance Times Square and its team of superb instructors. I started as a rank beginner 5 months ago and was immediately drawn in by the warm reception, superior lessons and captivating combination of students and high level competitors dancing together. Melanie and Tony have created an atmosphere that inspires talent and camaraderie. As the months have progressed I have learned a lot, made new friends, and seen some incredible performances and have found a release for the stress and tensions of the day that is invaluable. Today, I am taking nearly 4-5 lessons a week and look forward to years of enjoyment. I would recommend DTS to anyone."
Susan--Public Relations Executive, Conde Nast.

Since the first day we visited Dance Times Square we felt immediately at home.  The level of instruction we get there is on the highest level, yet the atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly.  Even as absolute beginners we felt as welcome as the top competitors who train right next to us.  Compared to some other studios we looked into, we really liked the way DTS isn't just teaching the dance steps, but teaches the style and attitude of each dance.  We're learning so much about how to dance for ourselves as individuals, and how to have a great connection dancing as partners.  And what keeps us coming back?... even when something doesn't come easy, or we're having an off day, our instructors' humor and patience always leaves us feeling glad we came in to dance.  We love Dance Times Square!
Wolfgang Schwarz & Maryann Berté

DTS has become a part of my family. Not only have I become a ballroom competitor (beginner level, mind you) but I love every minute I am there. Tony and Melanie, along with the rest of the DTS staff, are just so warm and encouraging, I wish I could be there every day. To be a part of this studio, and having Fred as my instructor, has been such a great decision; you gain a bunch of new friends as well as the confidence to get out there and do something you have never done in your life. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Cheryl Heaton, Physicians Assistant, The Juilliard School

Tony and Melanie's positive energies are contagious! I have always had such a great time at their dance studio. They dance from the heart, and teach their students to do the same. Not only will I always remember Tony and Melanie as two of the worlds classiest dancers, I will also always cherish them as wonderful friends. I am so happy they continue on taking their dancing to a high level, over and over again. If you're a devoted dancer, make sure you take at least some of their classes. If you don't you're missing out.

Monica de Bruyn


So take the next step and schedule an introductory lesson at our NYC dance studio so we can develop a personalized dance lesson program for you.

Contact Us

Dance Times Square, 156 West 44th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone : 212-994-9500, Fax : 212-994-9501

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